When you are getting ready for anything, your style won't be complete without new high heels. Your sandals or heels are like the finishing touch to your outfit. Best high heels for women adds special joy and exclusive addition to their shoe wardrobe.

Whether you are reaching for kitten heels, stilettos, scarpin or going for wedges, ankle strap heels, or any other style keep it in mind a pair of new high heels can elevate any outfit. 

As heels are the best friend of women, every woman should know about each heel and which one they should include as their must-have fashion choice.

In this blog, GloGlamp includes information on the best high heels for women with WH family question answers. So that every woman can figure out their style for heels. 

Let's explore more with GloGlamp:

The History of High Heels in India

You may be surprised to know that heeled shoes were originally built for men. Did you know about this? Yes,  it is true. It has been found in the histories of 3500 BC Egyptian and 10th-century Persian life that heel-style footwear was originally created to meet men's needs. Towards the 18th-century women began to adopt high heels into their fashion. 

Persian culture is associated with masculine features due to the military benefit of heels at that time. You can find similar style inspiration in modern cowboy boots and English riding wear from the 18th century on. 

In various cultures, heeled shoes became a symbol of status for the nobility.  In European aristocratic men height became an important feature, and the heels helped to achieve their aim of looking taller.

At that time  Tall was seen as a sign of prosperity,  taller men were generally believed to be more powerful or wealthy.

In the 1980s high heel fashion again came back in style.  During the late 19th century, Italy started opening factories for producing high-heeled shoes and then America followed this by opening its first heel factory in the year 1888. Even in the 21st century Heels have not their craze. 

This is an evergreen that is still growing everyday. High heels you can find at all  parties, celebrations, casual day to day activities, night clubs, bars or even on special occasions as well as on the ramp.

Even after such a long period, heels remain the symbol of style,  fashion, and class. Every fashionista must include this style within their wardrobe. Best high heels for women are still fighting to rank them in the first place. 

Best High Heels for Women: First Love of Their Life 

Why do women love high heels?

Most women love high heels and there are certain reasons behind it. Shorter women love high heels as it adds height to them. Curvy women want to appear more streamlined and slender with the help of these high heels.

Working women love high heels in India and abroad to show their dominant side, they want to show the world their confidence with high heels. Some wear it to add elegance to their look so that they can grab others' attention.

High heels are included within the list of best high heels for women as it displays a toned physique. 

What are the best women's high heels and what are their types?

Women High Heels

  • Kitten Heels: These versatile heels are perfect to go with every outfit. Be it casual or formal. 
  • Stilettos: These thin and long women high heels in India are very much popular for their super classy looks. The silver high heels in stilettos are the perfect style for any party either professional or family events. 
  • Scarpin: This is one of the best high heels for women that gives a sleeker look with its edgy appearance. This is a heeled pair that goes with every outfit and every occasion. 
  • Espadrille: If you are not comfortable with heels then this is the best alternative for you. Get both comfort and style with this kind of heels. 
  • Mules:  This is one of the trendiest pairs of heels of the season listed among the best women's high heels in India. They look perfect for almost every occasion. Wear them on the next job interview or corporate meeting to impress. 
  • Oxford Heels: This is a stunning combination of heels and sneakers that give the most stylish look to you. GloGlamp's red high heels on Oxford collections can be your best choice for parties. 
  • Corset Heels: If you are a fashionista then don't ignore this style of heels. white lace-up heels and knots in the corset give a glamorous look to you.  
  • Fantasy Heels: This is one of the next-level appealing best high heels for women. But if you are not used to these heels then they are pretty uncomfortable to wear. 
  • Platform Heels: This is one of the most comfortable choices among women's high heels in India. If you can't manage the high ones then the platform's new high heels are here to save you. 
  • Ankle Strap Heels: If you are looking for more attention then GloGlamp ankle strap heels are the best choice you can have. 
  • Wedges: Wedge heels are immensely comfortable and it is not difficult to walk in such stylish footwear. If it is hard for you to manage pencil heels, then wedges are here to save you. 
  • Peep Toe Heels: This is the style that matches with MULES. This is also a comfortable one that you can use for both formal and casual wear. 

Where can you find the best high heels for women online? 

You will discover very quickly how to find the greatest deals on your favourite footwear, after all, there are lots of sites that sell women's designer shoes online. Your shoe collection will grow dramatically because you will now be able to buy two or three pairs of Christian Louboutin Shoes for the amount you used to pay for just one pair.

Your new high heels shoes are just as close as your mouse  near the computer. It is not only saving you cash but also eliminates tension and frustration of dealing with the hunters down at your local shoe shop.

Women high heels in India have always been a part of couture and fashion become the epicentre of society from customised to daily wear, heels are available in every type of variety.

There are places on the web where discount designer women's shoes can be found. Choose silver high heels, white lace up heels or red high heels from brands such as Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and Alexander Mcqueen at discount prices in one easy-to-find place. One such place is GloGlamp. 

When is the right time for the best high heels for women?

If you are going to buy physically then this might sound weird but, your feet are more likely to be tired and swollen from work and daily activities during evening time. And this is the perfect time to shop for your heels because it will give you an exact  idea of how the shoe will fit you throughout the day.

Don’t try out heels in the morning if you don’t want to complain about them being too tight after your feet have swollen.  At the end of the day go for your shoe shopping because it is the time  when your feet are swollen to make sure your heels fit you perfectly.

If price matters to you the most and you are buying women high heels in India online then wait for seasonal offs and billion-day offers in different online stores to get the most discounts. 

Who can wear High Heels?

Every woman can wear high heels if they are comfortable. Heels can be worn to any place. Heels can be wear at any place without any occasion even.

The good places to wear high-heeled shoes are when you are out for dinner with friends or a special someone. Another is to a work function or important meeting.  Heels can be worn for clubbing or to a bar. 

Women can  wear high-heeled shoes in several situations such as in different parties, nightclubs etc. Business wear is popular in certain occupations. Show your  feminine authority, visual height, and make an impact in the boardroom with your best high heels for women.

Which heels suit which style?

  • Peep Toes
  • This pair goes with slim-fit tapered trousers, It perfectly suits ankle-length jeggings. If you would like to wear Indian style then angrakha style kurtis go very well with these sandals. ensure to paint your toenails with bright colours to make them pop and add spunk to your outfit. 

  • Slingback Heels 
  • These heels accompany every dress as you can show off your pretty ankles. Whether wearing them with boyfriend jeans or mom jeans, ensure to roll them up a little to make visible your slingbacks.

  • Ankle-Strapped Heels
  • These heels go best with formal dresses. you'll team these best high heels for women with a pencil skirt and tucked-in shirt. These are the right choice for office-goers. 

  • Wedges
  • These heels accompany every style of dress. Mostly these heels are adopted by those girls who aren't comfortable with pencil heels. They mostly look great with Indie-style maxi dresses. 

  • Cone Heels 
  • This style goes with any casual outfit. However, if you would like to do justice to our cone heels, wear them with a skirt with a flowy hemline or with Indian attire like Anarkali.

  • Pumps 
  • Pumps are often included in everyday wear. Both casual and formal wear goes with this style. you'll team them with a pair of straight-cut jeans, wrap long skirts or maybe pant-suits.

  • Kitten Heels 
  • These heels are the right choice for professional occasions. you'll wear it for the office or a casual evening outing. The pair looks great with well-fitted denim, pleated skirts and even dresses. 

  • Platform Heels 
  • These best high heels for women look good with skinny jeans, and corduroy pants and if you would like to be ethnic then can wear them with shararas. 

  • Spool Heels 
  •  pant-suits and pencil skirts look marvallous with spool heels.Even it goes best with boot-cut pants or jeans. we will stay. These heels are just perfect for office-goers.

  • High-heeled Boots 
  • These best high heels for women go alright with tapered ankle-length jeans, shirt dresses, and black leggings.

  • Ankle Booties 
  • You can pair these booties with straight-cut jeans, denim skirts, poncho dresses and even dhoti pants if you would like to try something different. Although black ankle booties are a classic, you'll also opt for the camel-coloured ones if you’re going to try something different.

  • Corset Heels 
  • Corset heels look best once they are paired with well-fitted trousers, denims and even with A-line dresses.

    • Mules 

    Flared denim, midi skirts, and cropped trousers are the simplest goers with Mules. they will be paired with outfits which have ruffles in them. As they're the cooler versions of pumps, you'll wear them to work looking for the best combination of formal and chic.

  • Oxfords 
  • These heels fit best with mom and boyfriend jeans. You'll even match them with cropped trousers. you'll also wear them with a classic black leather jacket and a white shirt. 

  • Stilettos 
  • A classic pair of stilettos accompany anything and everything. We will say this is a versatile style within the collection of the best high heels for women.

    How to choose the right heels that suit you the best?

    It goes without saying that you simply should wear whatever you want and feel fabulous along the way. But if you're looking for something that will make you feel less self-conscious, choosing the proper best high heels for women can have lots of benefits, including:

    1. For elegant, supermodel-length legs, pointed-toe shoes draw the attention downwards making your legs look longer.
    2. Nude shoes also will create the illusion of longer legs.
    3. If you've got wider ankles or shorter legs, avoid heels with ankle straps as they will make the legs look shorter than they are. A slingback could be a better option.
    4. Round-toed shoes are easier and flatter on a wider foot. They have a tendency to have more room at the front than pointed heels, which can feel too tight and uncomfortable.
    5. By now, we all know that there's a different kind of heel for every occasion and every preference. At least, now you recognize what to wear the next time you’re going out depending on your mood or outfit.
    6. If you’re on the search for the perfect best high heels for women then your search ends here because we are ready to make style and comfort meet this season. 

    We at GloGlamp would really like to welcome you to our online shop. We hope to be ready to bring you a unique experience inspired by looks and brands at affordable prices. 

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