The fashion industry and the essence of one's looks have undergone a sea change over the last decade.

The women's fashion industry & market, which used to be a traditional foothold for offline shoppers, has been replaced by the best online dress stores that have transformed the way shopping was used to be done, especially after pandemic.   

The online shopping industry has undoubtedly transformed the way we used to shop a decade ago.

Now, with the greater penetration of the internet and higher per capita GDP, individuals have developed a specific taste for online shopping. Let's understand this proposition with reference to the best online dress stores for women.

India's women are particularly blessed to have an entire online shopping industry for their apparel and footwear needs, requirements and expectations.

Not only convenience and quality are the hallmarks of the online shopping area, but affordable online clothing stores are also commonplace in India. 

Along with a variety of outfits for women, trendy online clothing stores like Nykaa, H&M & GloGlamp have made the shopping experience even more convenient with funky, cosy, comfortable & trendy footwear for women.

The options are infinite to choose from. For instance, the outfits available on the GloGlamp website include but are not limited to the following:


  • Party Wear
  • Office Wear
  • Casual Chick Wear
  • Date Night Wear
  • Brunch Looks Wear
  • Sleep Wear
  • Sleep Wear
  • Office wear
  • Casual Chick Wear
  • Date Night Wear
  • Date Night Wear
  • Brunch Looks Wear
  • The Pajama Club

The long list of available outfits for women doesn't stop here. Additionally, there are good collections of best-seller footwear for women on the website. For instance, you can have a look at the various options available for women’s footwear as below:

  • Block heels
  • Slim heels
  • Stiletto heels
  • Wedge heels
  • Sleeks heels
  • Looks heels

This wide variety of clothes & heels for women is what makes the best online dress stores like GloGlamp, Myntra, and H&M outshine their competitors. As a matter of fact, these online stores have replaced, to a large extent, the traditional foothold of offline shops and boutiques, emerging as the best online dress boutiques in India. 

Let's have a cursory look at some of the best online dress stores for women in India:

1. Myntra:

Gloglamp-Women coords

Myntra is certainly one of the best online dress stores in India. The website is replete with a wide variety of quality apparel, footwear and related paraphernalia for women & kids.

The company offers a pan India delivery service with zero to low delivery charges. The quality of items delivered is always up to the mark, making it one of the best online dress stores in India.

Myntra has something or the other for all price brackets as it deals in all kinds of brands ranging from the mid-to-high range like Roadster, Dressberry, Mast & Harbour, Anouk, Sher Singh and Kook n Keech, among others. 

2. GloGlamp:


GloGlamp is one of the fastest growing online stores catering to fashion, apparel & footwear needs, requirements & expectations.

This clothing brand also has an all-India delivery service at zero to no charges. The site features among the best online dress stores in India.

In terms of the ticket price, GloGlamp deals in all price brackets ranging from cost-effective to mid-range to hi-profile apparel & footwear.

Users are at great liberty to choose their favorites from a large selection of bestsellers. Some products are so cost-effective that they cater to the most widely asked questions of "cheap clothing stores near me".

The store also provides a standard 7-day return on the products delivered as per the customer-friendly return policy*. The return policy at GloGlamp adheres to high standards of customer satisfaction. 

The site also offers exclusive offers to buyers. These offers are tied to the most sought-after products offered by them. Also, there are weekly & monthly offers that keep the ante up for the sale-warriors.

There are huge discounts on the products, which makes the website a front-runner in the league of the best online dress stores in India.

As far as user experience is concerned, the interface of the site is highly fluid & user-friendly, making it easy for the users to see all the options to choose from and order the best clothes or heels that suit them.

As for the large apparel and heels collection, the website has a multitude of options to choose one's favorite from.

This collection includes but is not limited to dresses like Party Wear, Office Wear, Casual Chick Wear, Date Night Wear, Brunch Looks Wear and Sleep Wear, among others as well as heels like Block heels, Slim heels, Stiletto heels, Wedge heels, Sleeks heels & Looks heels, among others. 

3. Ajio:

Gloglamp-Women Flats

Ajio offers a wide range of clothing as well as footwear options which are suitable for Men, Women & kids. The site also has a return & exchange policy which works fine. The site provides an all-India delivery at a low cost.

The usual delivery time taken ranges from 4-5 business days. Ajio also has a good collection of apparel & clothing brands. Along with domestic brands, the site also features clothes & footwear for all genders from all over the world. 

4. Levi's:

Gloglamp-Women Heels

Levi's needs no precursor for its brand. The brand has been there in the market for the longest time and has always strived to live up to the expectation of the customers.

The brand has stood the test of time. It's also a name that has become synonymous with quality clothing. In India, the brand provides clothing for all genders in all age groups.

If you are someone who likes to wear western clothes, you will find the brand living up to your expectations. The brand provides pan-India delivery on all orders, irrespective of the ticket size.

The delivery usually takes 6-7 days of working days. The price bracket is also doable for most Indians as the brand has adopted the Indian standard price positively.