As Sandals change Cindrella's life, wedding heels for bride represent the start of a new chapter in every woman's life. It is a fact that every girl loves her heels, however, they are in pain for wearing them throughout the day. But this love never ends. Gloglamp understands your love for heels while at the same time caring for you through its collection.

This Gloglamp blog features the most recent collection of the best bridal footwear heels that are not only stylish but also comfortable. Gloglamp here got you a wedding shoe guide, that will make sure you wear these stunners without breaking your back. 

Wedding Heels For Bride Designs That Will Make Your Fairytale Come True

High Heels

Every bride has a different approach to her footwear selection that she is going to wear in each ceremony of her wedding. Online you will find a wide range of bridal sandal heels like kitten heels, stilettos, wedges, flats, ballerinas and many more. In short, there are endless choices available in the market, and selecting from them becomes a hectic affair for many. While your wedding gown takes centre stage, don't forget to choose stunning heels so that people notice your footwear as well.

Flaunt your style as you walk down the aisle like a queen in your fancy bridal footwear heels for taking vows for eternity. 

Find the best style from the Gloglamp collection to make your own fairytale: 

  • Stilettos 

When we are talking about bridal sandals heels for lehenga, Stilettos come first on the list. It not only increases your height but also gives you the feeling of being a queen. These are the sassiest looking wedding heels for bride that you need to buy. 

  • Pumps 

If you have a love for bridal foot wears then must check wedding pumps for bride at Gloglamp online store. Starting from embellished to printed these heels are available in a variety of colours and textures. Pumps are an excellent way to add 3-4 inches to your height without risking tripping. If you're wearing Pump heels as part of your wedding ceremony, don't forget to paint your toes a classic colour.

  • Ankle Strap 

Make your bridal style statement with an ankle strap heel. The good thing about this heel is that due to the support of the strap you secure your foot firmly and reduce the chances of tripping. Select golden bridal heels which are available in small, medium and high heels as per your requirement. 

  • Wedges 

If pencil heels are not your cup of tea then you can choose wedges in wedding heels for bride. As the bridal wear would be too heavy, so to balance you can choose wedges styles which are available in a variety of sizes and colours. High on comfort and a perfect example of balance, wedding wedges are the footwear that goes with every kind of Indian wedding attire. 

  • Satin Mid Heel 

Satin mid- 2-inch bridal heels are appropriate for both simple and heavily embellished gowns. Pick a pair in a colour that seamlessly blends with your outfit. Make a statement that everyone would remember as you go for them. 

  • Kitten Heels 

Don't forget to see the kitten heels collection at Gloglamp when you are choosing wedding heels for bride. Kitten heels are perfect for you if comfort is your top priority. Find a wide range of bridal sandals heels for lehenga at Gloglamp. 

  • Flats 

If you just want any form of wedding heels for bride then go for bridal flat sandals. Feel free to breathe within your wedding outfits and flat sandals. From toe separators to slip-ons the footwear is available in a variety of options. 

  • Jootis 

If classy is your choice, want a traditional style to include within your wedding then go for a fancy pair of jootis. The market offers a wide range of jootis in a variety of colours. You can't go wrong with these comfortable ethnic bridal footwear heels. White wedding heels for bride with golden touch or a variety of colours on them add a classy look to your wedding get-up. 

Guide For Wedding Heels For Bride

  1. If your bridal footwears are slippery then rub the bottom of your heels with sandpaper to walk without slipping. 
  2. Buy wedding heels for bride that has a gradual slope and not a sudden height. It will save you from pain after wearing it for a long time. 
  3. If you are standing for an extended period of time, take a twenty-minute break to relieve the strain on your feet.
  4. If you love your wedding heels for bride but it is a slightly small size. If you only want this style only then apply petroleum jelly on your heels and on the shoe rim and wear the shoe in your room to break it in. If your bridal footwear heels are not leather then you can add an ice pack or blow dry them to open them up for good. 
  5. Add cotton balls to the back of your feet or a band-aid to avoid shoe bites. You can also go with add-on soles to save your feet from blisters. 
  6. Taping your third and fourth toe reduces the pressure on the balls of the feet to reduce foot abuse. 
  7. If your wedding is taking place outdoors then go for platforms or wedges for your wedding heels for bride. So you won't sink into the muddy floor and you will stand like a rock with your super stunning outfit. 
  8. Keep a pair of flats or jooties or sneaker-style wedding heels for bride if you feel that you can't take more on heels. If you are going to dance then the flat style gives your best shot to enjoy your wedding ceremonies. 
  9. If your lehenga is too long and you don't want to spoil your dress then you can go for high bridal sandals heels for lehenga. 
  10. If your bridal outfit is too heavy with embroidery design then wear flats to be comfortable within your heavy bridal attire. 
  11. You can go for fancy or customised sneakers if you have a love for dance. wedding and no dance, it is not possible for you. So instead of wearing wedding heels for the bride, wear sneakers to dance and enjoy the best. 

Wrap up 

High heels

There is no hard and fast rule for wearing wedding heels for bride. As there are many occasions during your wedding, you can choose your sandals as per your dress, occasion and style you think best go with all. However, above of all choose those bridal footwear heels which make you feel the most comfortable.

Therefore, keep in mind Gloglamp's above-listed scenarios before you actually start shopping for your wedding accessories. At weddings, every step of a bride is going to be clicked. So walk like a queen with Gloglamp collection of shoes.