When you are planning for an outing, whether it is a casual outing, or going forany professional gathering, event, celebration or marriage party, you will definitely love to have an elegant look. A great attire won't be complete without high heels.

The heels showcase your confidence and add grace to your personality. Therefore it is very much important to make the right choice when it comes to buying heels. If you are not sure of which colour you should go for then it is wise to buy black high heels. 

When you are planning to buy new shoes, you must check whether it is fitting you perfectly or not, otherwise don't opt for tight-fitted heels. Shoes are integral in making you look smarter. A good pair of shoes will make you ready to seize the day.

Choose the right size and the right fit or else at the end of the day the shoe bites and blisters ruin your day and outfit. Therefore in this blog, Gloglamp is suggesting you focus on comfort along with design and style for the long run. Must check the right material and the right size for your black high heels. 

Here Gloglamp experts are including a few things, which you need to keep in mind while buying a new pair of shoes or planning to buy black heels  that you have been eyeing for so long:

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Heels

Choose The Right Size And The Right Fit

If you are planning to buy black high heels online then choosing the right size and the right fit would be a little difficult to get at once. Be prepared to go through the buy and return procedure several times. Because all brands have a slight difference in shoe fitting and size.

If your size is 6, then it can vary in different brands. If you are visiting shops physically then it is easy for you to check the fitting and size before buying your heel pairs. However, if you are choosing online then must check it several times when planning to buy black high heels. 

Don't Opt For Tight Fitted Heels 

Black High Heels

You like one design very much but the fitting is the issue with you, it is our advice to never go for those heels. It is too dangerous as your feet cannot breathe and if the shoes are not wide enough, you are bound to experience cramps. And lack of toe space can lead to ugly bunions, and corns.

Later these things become a reason for arthritis. That is the reason, we are suggesting you never ignore the comfort level while buying a high heel. If you are not comfortable in the shoes then all your postures and style go wrong. And at the end of the day, you will enter into pain only.

So when you are planning for pointy toes heels must go for an almond shape, for which your toes will get enough room to breathe. 

Shop At The End Of The Day 

You must be thinking why Gloglamp is suggesting you buy black high heels in the evening. There is a reason behind it. Morning time your feet are at their actual size and later when the day progresses your feet get swollen.

Therefore never try out your heels in the morning if you don't want to complain about their fitting issue by the time you reach in the evening. Always go shopping at the end of the day when your feet are swollen so that your heels will fit perfectly as per your changing feet. 

Take The Walk Test 

If you are buying physically then never buy black high heels of your choice without testing them. You need to wear them and walk into the store. Walk 3/4 rounds to check its comfortability thoroughly. When you take a walk test, some of them will start biting, whereas others will set as per your feet.

Take three, or four rounds, and bed down to check the heels are capable of taking your weight. If the shoes are not able to maintain your balance then it is wise to look for other options. Always consider buying black high heels with a thick insole and proper cushioning to give maximum comfort to your feet. 

Opt For Leather Or Suede High Heels 

Always opt for good quality leather heels if you want to make your black high heels go for the long run. High heels made of suede, leather or if you want can check out their combination. Because this is the material that will prevent you from chafing and the best thing about these materials is that they last for much longer. 

Check For The Heel Placement And Thickness

Before buying your black high heels, first, check where the heel is placed. The more your heel is thicker, you will get greater support for your body. Must choose those platforms that will distribute your weight across the entire foot. Therefore go for wider, thicker heels if you want to decrease the risk of sprained ankles. 

Consider The Height Of The Heels 

High Heels

Always consider the height of the heels before you buy black high heels. The most comfortable size is between 3 cm to 9 cm, in which you can walk easily. If you go for more heights than you may high pressure will go to your lower back, ankles or knees. Even it will not support you for proper grip or balancing.

Among high heels you can choose Kitten heels, it has a height of 4 cm to 5 cm and will be a versatile choice in them. If you are going to work and want to wear high heels then go for 7 to 8 cm for work and if it is for a party then wear 10 cm. However, try not to wear more than 10 cm in height. 

Match With Outfits 

If you are just crazy about high heels then you can add as a man the heels you want within your wardrobe. However, if you want to be within budget then don't buy just any heels just because of their design or style. Try to buy those heels which will match your outfits.

Instead of buying a pair of heels to match each of your outfits, try to go for a mix and match combination to save more. Go for a few colours to complement at least 3/4 of outfits or even more. In such cases you must buy black high heels as they can match many outfits. Black, even you can use it as a contrast to some outfits. 

Apart from the above consideration, Gloglamp is giving a list of things as tips to keep in mind:

  • As most men do, you can choose the slightly bigger size, so that your toes get a sufficient place to breathe. 
  • When you are trying your heels must check whether you are in socks or not because socks can make a big difference. In your shoe test, passing the finger test is most necessary. Slide your index finger between your heel and the heel of your heels. Your finger should fit snugly, not too tight or not too loose. 
  • Always try both heels, because there is always a slight difference between the left and right foot. 
  • Prefer to buy black high heels with well-cushioned padding inside, so that you will have extra comfort. 
  • Must notice the material composition for the upper and the sole, that further give you an idea that will last long. 
  • As per the choice of clothing, you can choose high heels such as:
  • Formal clothes - Wedges, Heels, Sandals and Leather shoes
  • Traditional Clothes - Sandals, Bellies, Flats, Heels, Wedges
  • Evening gowns - Heels, Stilettos, Wedges
  • Jeans and Tshirt (Casual clothing) - Flats, Sandals, Bellies, Boots, Wedges, Flip Flops, Sports shoes, Sneakers and Loafers 

There are many options available in the market. Ranging from real leather to synthetic leather to even different fabrics for construction shoes. Whether you want corporate wear, party wear or casual wear buy black high heels for every occasion.

High Heels

Before buying high heels keep all these factors that can help you decide to make the perfect purchase suiting your budget and need. If you want to visit physically and waste your time on shops then it is your choice. If you are coming online to buy your heels then nothing is better than Gloglamp.

This online store is known for its variety, comfort and style. Get a wide range of collections for high heels to compliment your outfits to build your bright image.