If you are someone who's looking for the best place to buy heels online and various kinds of women's footwear like heels and wedges, then sit back because you are at the right place. 

 In this article, we will take you through the entire gamut that one needs to be aware of women's heel sandals online shopping in India. By the end of this article, you will get to know about the best online heels shopping techniques as well as the best online heels store for women in India. 

 With the advent of various online shopping platforms in India, especially in the post-pandemic scenario, the shopping world has transformed to a great extent. Now shopping online is no longer restricted to essentials and big-ticket goods and services only. Times have changed. Now you can do online shopping without any hesitation for all kinds of goods and services, like fashion accessories.

 Talking about online shopping for fashion accessories like dresses and heels for women, there are ample of online websites and stores serving this requirement. 

 There are a number of online websites and stores which are known for their quality products, including heels, in India. These online websites and stores are the best online shoe store for heels. The Best Place to Buy Heels Online in India includes websites like Myntra, GloGlamp and Ajio, among others. 

 Not only the place for buying the heels but there are other factors also which affect the quality and comfort experience for heels. Quality and comfort experience, to a large extent, also depends on the brand. 

 If you are someone who prefers quality and comfort for your adorable feet, then you should not compromise on the brand. There is no dearth of value-for-money clothing and heels brands like Myntra, GloGlamp and Ajio, which are known for their quality as well as comfort experience. 

 There are various kinds of heels that are offered by these websites. Each kind of heel offered by these websites offers aesthetic beauty as well as comfort level. In terms of size and fitting, you can certainly vouch for the accurate size measures, which ensure proper fitting for your footwear needs. Here are some of the kinds of heels provided by the top-most heels websites like Myntra, GloGlamp and Ajio:

  • Heel Sandals:

Heel sandals are nothing but a mixture of sandals with heels. Heel sandals provide glamorous as well as elevated looks to the ladies. These heels are known for their adorable looks and comfort provided by them. 

 Actually, heel sandals are an umbrella term for a wide variety of heel types which have elevated looks of heels along with the comfort and safety of sandals. 

Heel sandals which come under this category include but are not limited to boots with a kitten heel, moccasins with a wedge heel, and gladiator tie-ups with a block heel, among others. These heels fit in for all kinds of occasions, be it a casual party at the office or your friend's wedding or engagement.  

  • Wedge Heels or Wedges:
  • In the world of female footwear, Wedges or Wedge Heels qualify to be the most comfortable and safest heels. These heels give you an edge in terms of looks, fashion as well as comfort level. Wedges are especially known for their elegant looks. 

     Additionally, the comfort level is also unmatched. The reason why wedges are the most comfortable female footwear is because wedges equally distribute the body weight, ensuring that there is no need for you to do the balancing act all the time. 

     This is also the reason why wedges are also the safest female footwear. Wedges are also an umbrella term for a wide range of heels which include but are not limited to strappy wedges, closed shoe wedges, oxford wedges and boot wedges, among others. In terms of built quality and material, wedges are generally manufactured from jute, leather, canvas and even rubber.

    • Sloop heels or hourglass heels: 

    Spool heels or hourglass heels are wide at the top and bottom and narrow in the middle. These are generally shorter in height, around one to two inches. The beauty of these heels stems from their low height itself. 

     These heels used to be the talk of the town in eighteenth-century Europe. Spool heels are known as workplace footwear as they provide comfort as well as adorable looks. These heels offer a perfect balance between comfort and looks.

  • Platform heels:
  • Platform heels are also known as 'Platforms'. These heels are known for their sleek and sensational elegant designs. Among the heels, platform heels rank on the top when it comes to looks. These heels are the most fashionable heels. 

     Ideally, fit for all your parties and functions, these can also be worn for casual outings as well. Platform heels generally have a platform under the front side of the heel for comfort and convenience. These heels have a height that ranges between four to six inches, giving maximum comfort as well as style to the ladies out there. 

     These heels are a perfect fit for night-outs, fancy parties, dates and casual outings. These not only make your feets adorable but also are comfortable, enabling you to dance at parties and be the talk of the party.

  • Flat Heels:
  • Flat heels have a lot in common with wedges. Flat high heels are nothing but shoes elevated using high heels. Sliders with heels and sneakers with heels are two of the most popular flat heels in Indian as well as European regions. 

     These flat high heels sandals make you feel and look taller, enhancing your overall beauty. These heels are also one of the most sought-after options for smaller girls, as it enables them to look taller in their peer group or even otherwise. Flat heels are a great fit for casual occasions and outings. 

     If you are someone who wants to look taller in the office also, these also become a great fit with your formal clothes.